Success Stories

Every youth that Haven House Services helps has their own unique story.  Some are homeless and in need of shelter. Some are in-crisis and unsure of where to turn.  Many have made mistakes and need help getting their lives back on track. When you support Haven House Services, you become a champion for the youth we serve.  With you in their corner, they can build the strength they need to overcome obstacles. They can find a path toward success.  Below are just a few stories that your support makes possible:

15-year-old Carmela constantly felt stressed by the pressures of school and life. She was often angry. So she looked for something to do after school that would help her “escape” her worries.

Carmela found what she needed at Haven House’s Second Round program. The program uses boxing and fitness to help youth find a positive path. Carmela has been a regular in the gym the last year and says the program has helped her become stronger – physically and mentally.

“Second Round has made me more confident in myself,” she says. “The workouts showed me that I can accomplish things I didn’t know I could. I am healthier and less stressed … I still get mad, but Second Round helped me learn how to control my anger.”

And Carmela’s future is as bright as the smile she is hiding behind her gloves. “I want to coach others, get good grades, and go to college. And I want to use what I’ve learned in Second Round to help me along the way.”

ABC11 featured Carmela and Second Round in a news story this year. Check out the video on their website.

Tyeshia found hope and a chance for a new beginning at Haven House Services. On the verge of being homeless, Tyeshia connected with Haven House’s Crisis and Homeless Services programs, which helped Tyeshia and her two young children move into an apartment. Haven House helped Tyeshia find child care, enroll in GED classes, find a job and build parenting and independent living skills. Tyeshia hopes to become a nursing assistant, and we are honored to be part of her journey to a brighter future.

You can watch a short video about Tyeshia’s journey at:


More than 15 years ago, Darryl was homeless and “not in a good place.” A pastor told him Haven House was a safe place place so he came to us looking for help. It was that day he says that he started to feel some hope and began to see a path forward.

Read more about Darryl’s journey and Haven House in Cary Magazine’s June/July 2019 edition.